Promoter Blames ISIS For Absence Of Future, Snoop Dogg, & More From His Super Bowl Event 

A Super Bowl promoter is trying to blame ISIS for his failed event this past weekend.
It appears Future, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida & a few more artists were MIA from a Super Bowl party this past weekend in Houston, Texas, and the promoter who ran the event is trying to blame ISIS for their absence. No joke.
According to a report from TMZ, a promoter tried playing off a local bomb threat a few blocks away from his club as the reason for his failed-party, but TMZ has learned it was all money related instead. Dubbed as “Super Bash,” the event was supposed to feature celebrities like Nick Cannon, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Future, Flo Rida, & even Snoop Dogg, but no one received any payment ahead of time ultimately resulting in their no-shows.
For what it’s worth, there really was a bomb threat down the street from the club, but apparently it had nothing to do with the artists not showing up.


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